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The festival that the Kishiwada danziri festival is carried out in Kishiwada-shi, Osaka. I am called Kishiwada festival or the festival of the old city.
There are October and two times in September It is performed every year at the northwestern part of Kishiwada-shi, Kishiwada Shiroshita and the outskirts (area called the old city) in September.
A teahouse new gate-guard office of Machikata observes a festival of Osaka now for (Enkyo era two years) in 1745 approximately 260 years ago, and there is that I apply and was allowed a feudal lord when I want to raise for the summer festival (old calendar .6 13 days a month) of Prince Susanoo company (existing bank Castle Shrine) by an opening.
In addition, "a spear mawashi" facing danziri about at the speed with the opinion which Nagayasu Okabe who was (Genroku era 16 years), then Kishiwada feudal lord does Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine Kanjiyo to Kishiwada Castle outermost outworks in 1703, and assumes a festival of Inari that I prayed for (→ outermost outworks Shinto shrine), a staple grains abundant harvest an opening is the powerful charm, and the corners of the course overflow in a large number of audiences.
In addition, I may admit sightseeing if I report to the very minute sculpture given danziri during stops such as at the time of breaks in the highlight.
The cause was a festival of one district of Kansai, but it came to be introduced in much media from the end of Showa, and it was with a festival of the national constituency at a stretch. In late years the neighborhoods owning danziri increase more, and a scale is spreading.
Traffic regulation is spread in the range of north and south 3.5km, East-West 1km on the same day in conjunction with held Haruki danziri feast day. This is the scale that all 4 stations between south seas Main Line Haruki Station - Tako-Jizo Station are included in. The attendance of 2009 was 560,000 in two days.
Hit two ropes approximately 100m in the (I may use ebony decoratively) front made with a total zelkova, and danziri (low cart) runs at full speed in the local town with around 500. A sum drum and the gong of big things and small things playing a musical accompaniment are comprised, and a bamboo flute increases there.
I am told that a goddess dwells in a zelkova, and there cannot be woman danziri , but the girl is not the limit. I pull it, and the adult woman can participate as a hand, but I stop it at around 18 years old, and there are predominantly many people turning around for a viewpoint to support a man afterward.
I call a castle gate in early modern Kishiwada Shiroshita with various danziri "upper danziri " where I left Kishiwada model danziri "lower danziri ", the former form that accomplished original evolution from the need to sink for and may divide it.
I win popularity with the silhouette that lower danziri is elegant and a minute sculpture and show a spread as well as the Kishiwada city and Quanzhou area. It is all danziri lower danziri in Kishiwada-shi, Izumi-shi, Tadaoka-cho, Kaizuka-shi, Kumatori-cho, Izumisano-shi, Tajiri-cho.
As for the daring "spear mawashi which lower danziri features ," an origin of rope to have the root of the bellrope toward decides a line and speed, and the carpenters on the roof start instructions and after they put it in the stock rear and were crowded, I wave a lever to the outside and perform it.
I do the private fine adjustment that put previous levers (lever) together in an expectation, various curvature forward in front, and or the position called the cicada gets off the outside, and the inside increases the staff and does it, and a hawk taking the danziri flat side gives a re-response for centrifugal force, and the brakes person in charge steps on brakes as needed on this occasion.
Because it is important that the charge of the previous lever adjusts each other's breathing to right and left in by one, I often act in a close friend or cousinhood.
In addition, there are many people stopping drinking because it is a scrupulous dangerous role to pay attention to. The charge of has damask and lever buttocks exhausted from a 20-30 (called and group of 30) person into a a branch form from In the carpenters, approximately three people get on one, on the main roof and I watch a forward course and start instructions to a lever after (I knock on the edge of roof of the direction to revise) with a round fan. It is necessary to give instructions little by little in the small alley.

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