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Information of sexual culture ANILINGUS

Esaka Station (buy bait and come) is a station of Osaka municipal subway, Kitaosaka Kyuko Railway in Toyotsucho, Suita-shi, Osaka. The station number common throughout the both companies station is M11.
It is a jurisdiction station of Osaka-shi Traffic Bureau (joint use station of Osaka municipal subway and Kitaosaka Kyuko Railway).
A driver, the conductors are changed to each employee (the staff) at our station. A crew crew room of the each Osaka-shi Traffic Bureau is on North Osaka express, the Nakamozu side tip on the Chisato center side tip of the home.
Because it is a joint use station, an automatic ticket machine of the both companies station is installed.
83,204 getting on and off staff of Osaka municipal subway - November 8, 2016 (vehicle ridership:) 41,665 people, the getting off staff: It is 41,539).
The direct staff to North Osaka express Namboku Line was 118,206 people. The daily mean getting on and off staff of the Kitaosaka Kyuko Railway -2015 annual is 39,468 people. I do not include the direct staff with Osaka municipal subway Midosuji Line in this value.
In an area around Esakacho in the southwestern part of Suita-shi, Osaka, the nearest station is municipal subway Midosuji Line Esaka Station.
It may be called Osaka newly developed city center. Because there being many a university and cramming schools and a lot of taking up job leaving his family behind groups from the metropolitan area live, casual restaurants gather around a station.
Because the mall spreading out in the Esaka Station west is got close to by a pet name of "Esaka West Street", and Tokyu group led citizen-based town planning from the 50,
Showa generation, I enter Tokyu Hands, Tokyu, and Tokyu pro-commercial facilities including Esaka Tokyu O'ts are outstanding.
When a chain store of the Tokyo capital goes into West Japan, it is the area that is often chosen as a place of the first shop.
The recommended dish of Esaka "is a "food served in a pot" "bar" hormone". The recommended shop "is "private room bar Kenroku Garden Esaka station square store" "private room bar otter shop -Tokyo DASSAI-YA- Esaka store
" in front of Dujiang Saka Station shop in Esaka private room bar month". The lunch information is varied, too.
After an international exposition, Esaka became strong in the characteristic as the Osaka newly developed city center. A university and a cramming school are known as many student towns.
In addition, it is known as a business area even that there are many business bachelors. I concentrate the reasonable shop which aimed at a student and an office worker coming alone around a station.
In Esaka, the mall in the area shows turnout in many people. The sense that is quality of common people and mingles and brings on a certain quirk air.
It features the thing that there are many shops which a lot of stores of the series of chain shop can enjoy easily.

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