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EXPOCITY (expo city) is compound facilities in the international exposition memory park of Senribanpakukouen, Suita-shi, Osaka.
Osaka managing the park about the ruins of the facilities "expo land" in the leisure when it is open in an international exposition memory park and closed it (2009) in February in 2009 invites public participation for the redevelopment company of ruins, and Mitsui Real Estate Development which suggested the development of the composition type facilities that let education and entertainment fuse is chosen by the development company and is facilities once in commercial facilities, leisure built "(tentative name) by expo land ruins composition facilities development business" that the company devised.
The Mitsui Real Estate Development commerce management runs it.
I practice medicine (2015) on November 19 in 2015 (the attraction starts a business some facilities in 2016). Other than "La La Port EXPOCITY becoming the core store ," plural large entertainment facilities enter it.
I am constructed in plural buildings and am 1-3 stories above the ground (some 1-2 stories below ground) structure. It was adjacent, and there was municipal Suita soccer stadium and was completed for EXPOCITY and the same period.
In addition, a special price (warehousing before game start and rate +6,000 yen normal after fulltime in the case of leaving a shed) comes to hang to avoid the parking of the soccer watching games purpose when a game is held at the stadium (I can evade it by letting you authenticate it during a game at the zero system terminal in facilities).
The expo city is the large size composition facilities which fused by entertainment and the shopping that "La La Port EXPOCITY" of all approximately 305 stores and eight large entertainment facilities meet in the cathedral.
In the facilities in the international exposition memory park, there are "the Osaka English villages" that are "Pokemon EXPO Jim" who can communicate with museum and Pokemon which Kaiyukan produces for the first time, a first Japanese experience-based English educational facility, and it features it that experience-based facilities gather.
In addition, best Ferris wheel "REDHORSE OSAKA WHEEL" in Japan opens in July, 2016, and it becomes space in huge leisure on behalf of Japan in prospect of the arrival of 17 million people a year.
Mitsui Real Estate Development acquires the license of the area broadcast general broadcasting station above the ground and carries out full Segou and one segment broadcast. But it is Toppan Printing which is a cable broadcasting public broadcast company to be engaged in program production. General broadcasting station one station above the ground is set up in the yard.
Expo city (EXPOCITY) is a supersized shopping center at 2-1, Senribanpakukouen, Suita-shi, Osaka.
Here was the amusement park called "the expo land" once. I reused the ruins of the meeting place of Osaka World Exposition held in 1970 and practiced medicine in 1972. I was connected directly with the south exit of Osaka monorail Bampaku-Kinenkoen Station.
However, the fatal accident with the roller coaster which occurred in 2007 became the fatal injury and was closed down in 2009.
Osaka that managed the land invited public participation for a redevelopment company and was chosen afterwards in the Mitsui Real Estate Development group. And approximately 170,000 square meters of super huge lacing braid "expo cities" which had a site proud of plottage largest in Japan in 2015 were completed.

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