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Information of sexual culture ANILINGUS

"There are huge buildings like Arc de Triomphe in the Osaka Kita Area where R Osaka station, private railway and subway Umeda station gathered.
This is Osaka's landmark ""Umeda Sky Building"".
Its unique modeling and the view from the ""air garden"" which can be seen outdoors while it is at a height of 173 m is the best, it is very popular among tourists from overseas as well as from overseas.
The 40 th floor indoor observation floor which is about 170 m above the ground can sit in the chair and enjoy the scenery slowly even when the walls in the north and south are glazed from the ceiling to the feet, even if it is difficult to get out to the roof with strong winds.
Let's sit here in the popular chair ""Escargot · Cabin"" at a couple on the south side. Umeda's building group spreads in front of you.
Also unusual in Japan, ""TKP Gate Tower Building"" where the expressway penetrates buildings also looks patchy.
Crossing the Yodogawa, miniature size cars and Hankyu trains. If the weather is nice, you can see the biggest Ferris wheel in Japan in Expo Memorial Park.
Occasionally, it is popular that airplanes landing at Osaka International Airport (Itami airport) cross over and are fun.
There is also a company dedicated to the ""floating garden Daimei god"" that there is a benefit for fulfillment of love on the 40th floor of the hidden popular spot in the air garden."

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