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Ibarakishi Station (a thorn comes and can do it and comes) is a station of the Hankyu Corporation Kyoto Main Line in Eidaicho, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka. The station number is HK-69.
A high speed limited express operated on a holiday removes を which "they take Kyoto, and there is not", and all diamond operating trains stop on weekdays.
I practice medicine with the extension between the Awaji Station - Takatsukicho station (Takatsukishi Station) of the - new Keihan railroad (1928) as Ibaragicho Station (a thorn comes and can wait and comes) on January 16 in 1928.
It becomes the station of Keihan Electric Railway new Keihan Line by a - company merger (1930) on September 15 in 1930.
It becomes the station of the Keihanshin district express electric railroad (Hankyu Corporation) by a - company merger (1943) on October 1 in 1943.
I receive the municipal organization enforcement of - Ibaragicho (1948) on January 1 in 1948 and am renamed to Ibarakishi Station.
- new Keihan Line is renamed (1949) on December 1 in 1949 by Kyoto Main Line, and our station becomes the position, too.
1988 (1988) an August 28 - up line high shelf.
- shopping mall " starts a business (1991) on October 5 in 1991.
- continuation grade separation business is completed (1992) on March 31 in 1992.
It becomes the - limited express stop (2001) on March 24 in 2001.
2010 (2010)
I stop the use of the flap-type timetable prior to enforcement planned time schedule revision for from February 3 to March 14 and start the service of the LED-type timetable.
It becomes a commuting limited express, the high speed (it travels as a periodical train in the time schedule revision of this day) stop in time schedule revision of the enforcement for from March 14 to the same day and becomes all train stops. The semi-express Umeda line (it travels in flat Japan and North Korea) starting from our station is abolished in this time schedule revision, and normal is run extra.
The の service that "I take Kyoto, and there is not" a - high speed limited express (2011) on May 14 in 2011 is started, and, as for all trains stopping, it is only with weekdays.
An elevated station having the home of two island expressions with shunting facilities 4 line. In the home, the third floor, a concourse and the wicket are on the second floor of the station building, and the wicket is to the north and south by one place (the south side places station employee nothing).
In addition, there is an increase line in the Kyoto side, and normal to turn down in the Osaka area at our station uses it.
There are of the shopping mall and Osaka North Osaka Red Cross blood center, Hankyu Ibaraki-shi blood donation room in the station building.
The getting on and off staff in the specific day with the degree of the day is 65,576 people (2015) for 2,015 years and is the seventh place with the Hankyu Corporation whole line.
In addition, the getting on and off staff of the daily average is 71,246 people.
A route bus and the airport limousine of three companies of Hankyu Bus, Kintetsu bus, Keihan Bus run in it.
There are four places of platforms.
The stop name Hankyu Bus and Keihan Bus "Hankyu Ibaraki", Kintetsu bus "Hankyu Ibarakishi Station."

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