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Kansai Airport Kansai International Airport) is a company management airport extending over Izumisano-shi, Osaka, Tajiri-cho, Sennan-gun, Sennan-shi.
It is the international airport which I can manage for complete 24 hours. It is one of the Kansai three Airport with Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport), Kobe Airport of the neighborhood.
In a marine airport prepared into the artificial island of Quanzhou offing 5km in the Gulf of Osaka, it opened (1994) on September 4 in 1994.
First in the world; "all is the marine airport consisting of artificial islands", and is the airport which performed "use in both traveler, air cargo for first Japanese 24 hours".
It is base Airport in the airport method and is one of the air gateways (hub airport) on behalf of Japan. In addition, it is the international hub Airport where a periodical international airline goes into service alone in Kansai three Airport.
It is appointed at a congestion airport in the Aviation Act, and International Air Transport Association (IATA) appoints it to congestion degree level 2.
In two airport islands, it is the West Japan's greatest airport on the scale of plottage, the runway having two open parallel parallel runways of the 4,000m grade.
The first terminal building which Renzo Piano designed was chosen by the "design and development section of the airport" of "Monuments of Millennium" given business to represent the 20th century, and facilities and the service of the airport are chosen as the world fourth place in "Airport of the Year 2006" which a user evaluates by a vote and receive the evaluation that is very high about the airport as the building and the function from the inside and outside the country.
In addition, it was chosen in the first place of "18 airports (popular mechanics) which were the strangest in the world" by the rare location called a complete marine airport (the details refer to the evaluation from the # Japan foreign territory).
The government designation special company where is the first company management airport in Japan, and a country, a local government, private enterprise finances with setting, the management after construction and the opening of a port of the airport jointly "Kansai Airport Co., Ltd." (Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd., a good plan designation:) KIAC) went.
Shinkansai International Airport Co., Ltd. of the special company where the government finances in full from July 1, 2012 is setting, management integrally with Osaka International Airport. The airport administration right is sold by method for the first time in Japan, and, in both airports, "Kansai airport Co., Ltd." of the pure private enterprise performs airport administration afterwards from April 1, 2016.
The popular name is Kansai Airport or Kansai Airport "Kicks" and the name to do are seen from "KIX" of the airport cord (three letter cord).
A name of "New Kansai International Airport" was used widely at time from a design to the opening of a port, and it is said that there were movement to recommend "the Quanzhou airport" which local Izumisano-shi or Kaizuka-shi led as name plan for and the name called "Kinki Chuo International Airport".
In addition, the name called "new Narita Airport" (Narita Airport for Nishinarita Airport, Kansai (West Japan)) was seen other than the above-mentioned popular name after the opening of a port, too. The airport extends over 2 cities 1-cho, but "Quanzhou Airport" is used all for a name of a street and becomes Sensyukuukoukita, Izumisano-shi, Sensyukuukounaka, Tajiri-cho, Sennan-gun, Sensyukuukouminami, Sennan-shi.
An airport island and the opposite bank connected directly with want to be developed land for by landfill, and there is the very large site of airport-related facilities called "Rinku town". There were few companies to go into at first, and vacant land was full of the opening of a port, but as a result of reducing a burden by the introduction of the lease method for a reduction in price and the fixed period of the ground rent after the 2000s began, and having promoted the advance of the company, the availability was largely improved.
I make distance during our station and Tokaido Main Line (JR Kyoto Line) Ibaraki Station, and there are approximately 1.5 kilometers and, in both stations interval, contacts me by a route bus.

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