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The powdery green tea which can enjoy Uji powdered green tea willingly. ... Uji powdered green tea is the tea which is famous as a souvenir of Kyoto, Uji. After covering the sprout of the tea, and avoiding sunlight, and bringing you up, and harvesting it, and steaming it, and having dried it, I saw it in a stone mill and say a thing made with the manufacturing method to come from Uji with the tea which I finished to powder.
Uji tea is Japanese green tea. A supplier in Kyoto finished 4 prefectures hydrangea tea of Kyoto, Nara, Shiga, Mie by the manufacturing method to come from the Uji area in Kyoto in the prefecture.
I am said to be "two Japanese lots of tea" with Shizuoka tea except "the Japan's three biggest tea" and reason, Sayama tea with a little amount of production along with Shizuoka tea, Sayama tea, Kagoshima tea, Nishio tea.
In addition, for powdered green tea, Uji powdered green tea and powdered green tea of Nishio may be called "" Japan two biggest powdered green tea "".
It was thought that it was produced from the Kamakura era, and a tea plantation was established by an influential military commander of the Muromachi Shogunate including a family to inherit the shogunate in the Muromachi era. I strengthened a position of the high-quality tea on behalf of Japan by a cover lower tea plantation for the age of civil strife, and a journey to carry tea given to the Shogunate in the Edo era paraded around journeys from Uji to Edo.
I am famous as a souvenir on behalf of sightseeing spot Uji. A tea house links the eaves according to Uji Bridge and according to of the Uji-shi center Byodo-in Temple, and a scene having a short rest is good, and a tourist is seen.
Generally, it is imaged with "tea of Uji", but the tea plantation area of Uji-shi is approximately 80ha, and it is with a member in an exception for "the whole country tea summit" that it becomes the condition "to have a tea plantation area of 100ha in the local government". A chief producing center of "the Uji tea" in Kyoto is neighboring areas of Wazuka-cho, Soraku-gun, Minamiyamashiro-mura, Ujitawara-cho, Tsuzuki-gun now. The tea plantation of the land is pushed by a crowd of housing land development and decreases, but increases in the mountains.
"A tea plant doll" came to be made as the novelty goods which processed old Chaki late in the Edo era. Although I was cut off once in last years of Meiji era, it revives in the Taisho era. The Tanaka right successor of the Byodo-in Temple museum curator pushes forward collection, the reconstruction ("Nihon Keizai Shimbun" culture column June 8, 2016).
The description that there was a thing named "Uji tea leading" might be considered to be it, but a title of "Uji leading" (words, Yoshio Sakai, composition, Shinpei Nakayama) was pulled in a text and mistook it.
Movie director "Uji tea" (produce a feature-length film by drama for the first time in public "burning Buddha statue human being" supervision, the world in 2013.) I win an entertainment section Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize excellence prize at the 17th Agency for Cultural Affairs media art festival in the same year. Because the origin of the name of Kyoto Saga university of fine arts native place) was resident in Uji-shi.
It was recognized that the coffee shop road to a town village which was a brand related to Uji tea, Tokichi Nakamura Head Office, a company name and logo mark of Marukyu Sono Koyama were performed trademark application of without permission in Taiwan in 2014. Three companies request Taiwanese Department of Intellectual Property not to accept application.

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