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Osaka Station (it prospers and comes) is a station of West Japan Railway Co. (West Japan Railway) at 3, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka.
The station which it is chosen at 100 selections of stations of the first Kinki as a representative station (prefectural seat Station) of Osaka, and most passenger getting on and off uses in West Japan Railway.
It is the direct management station where a stationmaster was placed and has jurisdiction over Tsukamoto Station of the Tokaido Main Line (JR Kobe Line) as a management station.
It is a station belonging to "the Osaka city" in the specific capital ward city system of JR, and it is with center Station of the fare calculation. In addition, at a station becoming the strategic point of the service of the Urban network, I do the axis of the service system.
A station symbol flower "is a rose". Because there are many "Osaka" and stations where there is it in, I am called "the Osaka (Umeda) station" (at the station of West Japan Railway around parts of Shin-Osaka Station with the indication).
It is located in Umeda that is the north entrance of the Osaka city, and downtown spreads out around the east side, the south side of the station square and the station.
Although I handed over a position to Tokaido, the Sanyo Shinkansen arriving and departing at Shin-Osaka Station that started a business (1964) on October 1 in 1964, our station is the first train, the terminal of the limited express with the Hokuriku area even now,
and, about the long-distance train to Tokyo, Sanyo, the Kyushu area, the old line limited expresses such as the communication train between cities of the Keihanshin district including the high speed and the limited express with North Kinki, the San-in area, a bed limited
express departing from and arriving at Tokyo Station arrive and depart newly.
The night train toward Tohoku, the Hokkaido area arrived and departed, but the night train which went back and forth in Tohoku, the Hokkaido area because a bed limited express twilight express was abolished in time schedule revision on March 14 (2015)
in 2015 became all extinct once.
Starting point, terminal and all the night trains to do in this way became extinct at Osaka Station. But the twilight express revived as tour train "special twilight express issue" of the Sanyo area on May 16, the same year and was driven until March 19 in the next year.
A limited express train and the freight train to south period, the Kansai Airport area do not pass Osaka Station to use northern goods line and Umeda goods line (in none under an alias).
I practiced medicine with the railroad opening of business between Osaka Station - Kobe Station in (1874) in 1874. There was the then station building in the place that hit it near Osaka
center post office former office west than the present location at Gothic red brick 2 stories, and, in the outskirts, there were only a few private houses, and a rice field opened.
The place with the station was not included in the Osaka city limits at the time of the municipal organization enforcement of (1889) in 1889 either and belonged to Nishinari county Sonezaki-mura until (1897) in 1897.
It was going to be built with a head end type by the original plan near Dojima that was near to the city area, but the setting place was changed to Umeda of Sonezaki-mura according to the statement above.
As for a setting point having been changed from Dojima to Umeda, it is said to passage-type station structure that this is
because it does it without adopting a head end type such as the terminal station of conventional Japan when a track was extended in the future to the east to be convenient for direct driving between Kyoto Station - Kobe Station.
When Osaka Station that I did in structure to let you bring a station close to the city area as much as possible while Yokohama Station that adopted a head end-type home at the railroad dawn enables east
and west direct driving not to need a lapel judging from a move having been forced to twice by the later tendency of the times change was far-sighted, I may be said to be it.
After the large private railroad such as Sanyo railroad and the Kyushu railroad was nationalized in last years of Meiji, realization of direct driving from West Japan each place to Tokyo becomes easy, and it will help even the point that raised convenience very much.

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