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Osaka International Airport (when I release it, it consumes whether it is numerousness so British:) Osaka International Airport) is a company management airport extending over Toyonaka-shi, Osaka, Ikeda-shi, Itami-shi, Hyogo.
Osaka Airport (it consumes whether it is numerousness in this way) or Itami Airport (it aches and lives so British:) Even a popular name of Itami Airport) is known. It was an international airport, but is managed now once as base Airport of the Japanese domestic airline (basic airport) both in name and in reality. It is one of the Kansai three Airport with Kansai Airport, Kobe Airport of the neighborhood.
North-northwest approximately 12km of Osaka-shi includes it; the nucleus airport of the Japanese domestic airline to be almost located in the center of the Keihanshin district urban area. It is base Airport in the airport method and is appointed at a congestion airport in the Aviation Act.
It is managed as an airport for domestic airlines, and a traveler, the cargo flight of the international airline does not go into service.
The second Osaka airport established in 1939 is a forerunner. It became the first-class airport in the airport maintenance method, and a lot of international airlines developed from 1959 as the international airport which went into service in the 1970s, but citizens' suits occurred successively in pollution issues such as the noise, and the hometown local governments demanded the airport abolition.
The country established the limits such as machine parts and a landing slot, the operative time for plane as a part of neighboring environmental measures, and the airport abolition pushed forward the maintenance of a new airport in the field of vision.
In 1990, the local local governments switch a policy to the airport continuation. In 1994, all international airlines moved to Kansai Airport maintained newly, but continued as an airport for domestic airlines.
It was placed at "the base airport" where it became the base of an international aviation service transportation network or the domestic aviation transportation network by airport law revision of 2008.
In the runway, two length of A runway (1,828m) and the B runway (3,000m) is maintained in book cloth parallel. As environmental measures of the outskirts city area, 370 times of departure and arrival number of times of the day is limited by (200 times of jets, low noise machine 170 times) from 7:00 to 21:00 at operative time. In addition, buffer green zones are established around an airport.
I achieved the superior results in navigation at the appointed hour and, with a ranking about the effectiveness of the world airport which Forbes electronic edition announced in January, 2008, was chosen as the "effective airport first place which I could leave on schedule".
In addition, I win the prize for navigation 200 times a day at the appointed time of FlightsStats company for the airports of the above-mentioned departure and arrival number of times scale. I won departure results Prize in the area airport in Asia in a prize for starting results in the major airport which was one branch in Asia consecutively each in the same way in 2011 in 2010. It is with most excellent appointed time departure rate together in the receiving a prize airport of all sections of the prize for navigation at the appointed time for .2011 years in 2010.
In 2015, is appointed hour navigation rate ranking of the airport by British research company OAG; in appointed hour navigation rate 93.85% of the small scale airport world's best.
The official name in the airport method "is Osaka International Airport", and it is said that the local local governments hoped for this to leave the name of "the international airport" unredeemed after an international airline move.
In addition, Osaka Airport (consume whether is numerousness so British:) A name of Osaka Airport) is used widely, and come from Itami airport and the Itami base of the former title; and Itami Airport (ache, and live so British:) I am called Itami Airport).
A country performed setting, administration, the management of the airport as a first-class airport until 2008 and bore an expense in full, but it was with former second kind airport equivalency by airport law revision of June, 2008, and the hometown local government came to bear it.
With business integration with Kansai Airport, setting, administration, the management of the airport is transferred by Shinkansai International Airport Co., Ltd. of the special company, and, on July 1, 2012, Kansai airport Co., Ltd. of the private corporation which acquired the administration right manages the administration integrally with Kansai Airport from April 1, 2016.
In the site, in the terminal building and the office, the runways are arranged for Ikeda-shi and Itami-shi mainly in Toyonaka-shi on 2 prefectures 3 City of Toyonaka-shi and Ikeda-shi of Osaka and Itami-shi, Hyogo.
In Airport Terminal Building, Osaka monorail line Osaka-Airport Station, the apron neighborhood, the border of these prefectures, cities is complicated complicatedly and is dotted with enclaves innumerably (I refer to the # Airport construction past).
The mascot was produced in commemoration of the opening of a port 75th anniversary in with an airplane as a motif in 2014.

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