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The red-light district that Pontocho (I grow pop) is located in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, and there is among Kamogawa and authorities of Kiyacho. There is it with "a town", but there is not Pontocho as the place name.
About an authority of Pontocho official documents (authority of Article 4 district city planning:) of "Kashiwayacho rising authority of Pontocho Article 4" I am used for Kyoto-shi city Planning Bureau).
Originally, in a state of Kamogawa, it was filled up by shore protection works in (1670) for early stage of Kanbun ten years in the Edo era and was called an authority of Shinkawara-cho. Downtown includes that a teahouse, a trip basket were put by an opening. A geisha, a high-class prostitute came to live and received the control many times, but it was admitted as a migrant worker place of "Nijo Chinatown Area" that was in Kawabata Article 2 and became independent early in Meiji. It was given the first public performance of Kamogawa in (1872) in 1872, and Pontocho let the flower as the red-light district open. In the school of the dancing, a Shinozuka style is an Onoe style through a young willow style now afterwards before than Meiji.
It is just what the stone pavement to run between Kamogawa and authorities of Kiyacho from authority of Article 3 ray lower ル to an authority of Article 4 to the north and south is small. Other than a red-light district special commercial form, the general restaurants form a line. The shop of the street east side faces Kamogawa, and there are many restaurants to establish the enjoying the cool breeze floor.
There is the Pontocho singing and dancing kneading on fire ground on the north edge and projects a big figure on Kamogawa.
According to another view, it is said that there is the etymology of the place name in Portuguese ponto (will of "the point"). However, it is said that I am mystery whether a character of and being read and why was affected though the right Portuguese is "PONTA".
In addition, on a hand drum caught in two pieces of skin of in being caught in Kamogawa and the river of two of the Takase River of the hand drum hang it for the chatter "pop", and there is the opinion that it was "pop".
An installment only as for the beginning of the game An opinion that the karuta gambling term of the meaning that I all bet on and notation) was the etymology was announced for Portuguese and Spanish in the kanji by a familiar cause bank clerk and was placed in "place name study eleventh" (Kyoto place name meeting for the study publication).
Five main event / opening ceremony / traditional end of winter / Kamogawa from May 1 to May 24 / red-light district combination performance / Gion festival / hassaku orange / clear water meeting / debut going in a large party / starting farming for the year Pontocho reputation society
What was formed as "a meeting protecting Pontocho" in November, 1997 does it by an opening. It is renamed to "the Pontocho noren society" in April, 1998 and reaches it at the present.
84 stores (as of September, 2016) from Article 3 of the authority of Pontocho to Article 4 joined it, and the member shop which was open in Pontocho interchanged willingly and contributed to area development, and streamed down the history and performed activity such as keeping emotion and cityscape in good condition.

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