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Senri-Chuo Station is Kitaosaka Kyuko Railway Namboku Line at 1, Shinsenrihigashimachi, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka and a station of the Osaka rapid transit railway Osaka monorail line.
The central station of the Chisato new subdivision. I am called " for short in Osaka.
A station having one island expression home 2 line under the ground. It blows through the platform to the ceiling of the wicket floor in a canal, and the wicket is installed in the place where I got out of the platform.
It is located so that restaurants surround a colonnade there. There is a restroom in a home. Because north wicket and south wicket are closed in early-morning time from the first train to 6:00 a.m., I can use only a central wicket.
Although south wicket is nearer, the transfer to Osaka monorail uses center wicket from in front of south wicket (the first floor under the ground) to the first floor because there are not an escalator and an elevator when there is big baggage and should move by an escalator and an elevator to the ground second floor. But movement distance gets longer that it is only south wicket that an elevator is installed from the home floor to a wicket and that the top is the center wicket side or will use an elevator in the cell sea in the case of the use by wheelchair and stroller from the wicket floor (the first floor under the ground) and is inconvenient.
A stationmaster is placed at our station. It is 100 selections of station choice stations of the second Kinki.
In addition, it is during extension construction, and Namboku Line is going to become Nakama Station after the extension opening of business with the goal of the 2020 opening of business now to new Minoo Station (tentative name).
In addition, a movable home fence is going to be installed in 2017.
The town where development was pushed forward as a center of the Chisato new subdivision. I took a central role of the economic revitalization after the war. It is a maximum shopping center for both Chisato new subdivision and Toyonaka-shi.
In addition, development is pushed forward more now, and the construction such as the high-rise apartment or high-rise building continues.
In front of Panahome Corp. head office / Taisho Pharmaceutical Osaka office / SEIKO in crane Osaka office / Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. Japan national policy for the rise of Asia Chisato Building / Sumitomo Corporation Chisato Building / Chisato Tokio Marine & Nichido building / Sumitomo Trust & Banking Chisato Building Resona Chisato Building / Chisato life science center / Chisato new subdivision FM broadcast / Hankyu Chisato Chuo Building / Chisato morning sun Hankyu building /pal / Chisato cell sea (Daiei Chisato center store) / Chisato Hankyu Chisato Hankyu hotel / Chisato Daimaru plaza / the Chisato Tower / Hankyu Oasis Chisato center shop / Yamada Denki LABI Chisato / ion SENRITO specialty building /SENRITO Yomiuri /SSOK/ Osaka prefectural management Chisato azure sky high school Toyonaka-shi government office new Chisato branch office / Toyonaka municipal institution Chisato library / Senri-Chuo Station post office / Chisato Chuo Park / Chisato center hospital Co., Ltd.

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