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Information of sexual culture ANILINGUS

A red line of South Osaka where Shinodayama Chinatown Area was built in the Showa era, a red light district.
The system which I keep company with with the woman who I tell a favorite woman to the parlormaid of the inn unlike other Chinatown Area, and is called from a stand.
It is far from the city, but is popular from the quality of the inexpensiveness of the price and a waiting woman.
It is made straight a left turn with progress, a signal along super Tamade by the exit of Shinodayama Station. There is FamilyMart when I just advance. Furthermore, because there is guy sushi when advance straight; is a left turn there.
Shinodayama Chinatown Area is Osaka, but is a famous manners and customs spot.
One Shinodayama Chinatown Area of 5 biggest Chinatown Area of Osaka. The red light district where Shinodayama Chinatown Area was established by Showa. The girl is ten generations - 30 generations. There are many gal system, female college student system.
A method to have it stream down a favorite woman, and the woman whom there is by a brothel method in front of a shop call Shinodayama Chinatown Area without formal introduction of a theatrical company to the audience unlike other Chinatown Area. In Shinodayama Chinatown Area, "silver cat", are popularity shops. "Shoichi" is a little-known spot. "Silver cats" are always the situation that a person is.
Because I cannot confirm it beforehand, the face has the some risks, but cost performance is great because there are many children who are pretty generally depending on a shop.
For the business hours of Shinodayama Chinatown Area, the opening of a store time varies according to a shop. When it is an early shop, at 10:00, I open at about 15:00 at the latest. Because I cannot but confirm it directly to know the business hours of one's shop which wants to go, the beginner will go after 15:00.
By the way, please be careful because end time is 0:00. This, no less than Tobita Chinatown Area, are the shin.
On the other hand, although, in Tobita Chinatown Area, a shop begins to close from about 23:00, but, in Shinodayama Chinatown Area, a shop closes at 0:00; here is a great place of Shinodayama Chinatown Area.
When it is past what late-night 0:00, the proprietress of the inn seems to transform itself into proprietress. I recommend a girl to men walking the way, and there seem to be 2 patterns to go to the apartment where a girl is and the designated love hotel.
Thing or ... that who was able to imagine around station of Shinodayama Chinatown Area for a quiet residential area that indeed such a scene was developed. How will the man living in this neighborhood feel it? I feel it in question.
Still because the D were not able to be left until past 0:00, I list word of mouth information. The one that can move by car, please challenge it. ※For 20 days, please be careful storewide every month because you are absent.
The girl working in Shinodayama Chinatown Area has application of the or direct via the talent scout. When become the name level of Shinodayama Chinatown Area; "can make money"! Because the child of the woman understands, there is a girl applying by oneself.

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