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"Sumiyoshi Taisha is a shrine located in Sumiyoshi, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-fu.
One of the expressions in-house company (Meishin Taisha), Settsu national Ichinomiya, twenty-two companies (middle seven companies). The former company is a large-scale official shrine, and it is an appendix shrine of the shrine head office now.
It is the total headquarters of Sumiyoshi Shrine located nationwide. The main building 4 buildings are designated as national treasures.
In the south part of Osaka city, on the west end of the base of Uemachi plateau, settled on the west facing the direction of Osaka bay.
In the Shinto shrine enshrined as the God of the sea and the port of the harbor, in connection with the Sumiyoshi and Namba Tsu at the port of diplomacy from the old tomb era, is there.
In the ancient times as a god of national voyage guardian gods and secret worshipers enshrined also in the Tang Dynasty ships, as a God of Waka from the Heian era gathered faith from court and aristocrat as well as from the common people in the Edo period It was revered.
It is not only a representative shrine in Osaka as the Ichinomiya of Settsu nation, but also one of the representative shrines throughout the country as an old-fashioned large-scale shrine.
The shrine is designated as a national treasure in an ancient Japanese architectural style called ""Sumiyoshi"", as well as many buildings such as Buddhist monastery, stone stage, Takaraza are designated as important cultural properties of the country There.
As a treasure, one of the few ancient documents ""Sumiyoshi Taisha Shinji Kanji"" is designated as an important cultural asset of the country, many such as wooden dance and other important cultural properties are designated as Osaka prefecture designated cultural assets."

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