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"Friend" founded in 2011 is operated by Guangyun Net Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. based in Shanghai China
China's largest residential intermediary service (Global vacation rental site). Mobile application "Taiwan Nibei" is also deployed.
"Freight customers" means "to make travelers freely", meaning that they want to enjoy traveling.
With the slogan "to taste the living and culture of a foreign country", we are rapidly growing brokerage performance mainly in China and Taiwan,
Approximately 50,000 hosts (about 42,000 rooms in Taiwan) are served by about 10,000 hosts worldwide.
Freedom is characterized by a strong point in FIT (Free Individual Travel).
Although more than 80% of the property is in Taiwan, overseas expansion such as Japan and the United States is accelerating.

Meanwhile, site controller 's trouble .NET' partnered with 'universal'
Speaking of Kawashima's favorite site controller, "Task needless. NET", but this time, on April 27, 2016, announced system collaboration with Hinomaki intermediary site!
Collaboration with the Homepage site is the first time in the site controller in Japan this time.
Finally there is no need for time and efforts .NET will also respond to the creation of a market at night, which is expected to grow in the future.
In addition, there is no need for trouble .NET seems to respond to accommodation facilities based on the inn, business special law, or special accommodation exclusion facilities only.
Currently Airbnb is in a posture that does not cooperate with the site controller, so I have a feeling that the freak customers are likely to expand guigui forces in the future.
Airbnb is a mechanism that takes fees from both hosts and guests,
The unlimited guests take a 10% commission from the host (inn) without taking a change from guests (guests).
This neighborhood, including the percentage of the fee, is with Jalan net.

By the way, Airbnb only when reservation of accommodation is established
From guests (guests): 6 to 12% of the total amount of accommodation fee (including separate fees such as cleaning fee)
■ From the host (inn) ... 3% against the total amount of accommodation fee (including separate fee such as cleaning fee)
The Airbnb side receives it.
It seems that Chinese travelers are not accustomed to "being charged fees for guests", so it will not work with Airbnb's structure.

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